• So i am going to pick up my new puppy saturday. This will be my second B and I was wondering if i should take me male with us to get the new puppy(female). Or if i should just leave him home an introduce them hear. what do you guys think?

    I attached pics of my Boy(simba) and the new puppy!

  • Congrats on your new pup!!!!

    When we picked up our second pup, we took our oldest B with us, and on our way back we stoped and give them time to know each other on neutral grounds.

    At home, they immediately went playing together and since then (almost a year later) they never had a fight or even a growl..
    We have two males.

    We took both males with us when we picked up Hailey, did the same thing and also with her, they never had a fight since they are all together!

  • I would take the adult with me, then stop and have a few walks together on the way home. Coming into the home together is better than bringing in a strange sharp-toothed monster.

  • Yes, take the dogs to meet before you bring them home.
    Do let us know how it goes.

  • My sentiments - take your dog with you when you pick up the pup.


  • I just did that with Nemo and Zoni. However, I might suggest that they meet on a more neutral area when you go down. Nemo met the puppy in the middle of strange basenji central in the breeder's house. He was a tad stressed.

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