• I've never started with such a basenji youngster before (all my previous dogs were at least 3 1/2 yrs old) so have a kind of goofy question. Can freckles appear after they reach adult age?
    Gossy has a couple of spots on her legs that have gotten darker (maybe larger but can't tell if just more noticable) over the short time she's been with me. They now are almost the same color as her red coat and don't bother her in the least. I'm guessing just large freckles but just wanted to make sure.

  • I see this is a very, very old post, but Millie also has new freckles popping up on her belly and legs quite quickly (she is about 17 months). She's spending more time in the sun and I'm assuming this is normal.

  • @italeigha - It is normal...

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