• I dont think they'll ever forgive me for buying this bundle of naughtiness 😃 Poor things dont get a moments peace with Maya around :rolleyes:

    Maya noticed Lilah had a pigs ear…

    She tried to annoy Lilah into handing it over by hitting her…

    That didnt work, so we tried a different approach..

    Sit and watch

    Slowly slink down

    Lilah growled at her so Maya had a mad 5 mins running around the sofa and rolling over :rolleyes: Then tried again… from yet another angle...

    Slinking down again… Paws at the ready! 😃

    Grab it and pull!! 😃

    Who do we think will win? The pug or the basenji?? Bearing in mind the basenji weighs about 1/3 of what the pug does….


    Pug or Basenji???


    …... It was never in doubt was it? 😉

  • I never realized how much Basenjis like to hit. It's quite funny really. Love the pictures.

  • Oh, we have a lot of hitting here. Maya does it ALL the time. Pugs tend to do it as well though so "playtime" generally ends up with Maya and at least one pug on hind legs batting paws at each other lol

  • @Maya:

    Oh, we have a lot of hitting here. Maya does it ALL the time. Pugs tend to do it as well though so "playtime" generally ends up with Maya and at least one pug on hind legs batting paws at each other lol

    My B for some reason like to hit/dig at my head in the morning. I only mind it when he "digs", but other than that its quite comical. He's impatient most of the time.

    Something I learn to live with. 😃

  • Why not give all dogs pig ears at the same time, Maya just wanted one that's all. But funny still the same, I knew she would win, Bs always do, hehe!!!!! I guess that is why one of the commentaries on the Eukanuba dog show commented that Bs are quite sly!!!!

  • With my B, giving every dog a bone is just a challenge for him to end up with all the bones at once. My fiance's sister has 2 dogs that are about twice his weight and slightly taller. One time while staying with her, she gave all the dogs a bone. Colbey went up to each of the dogs, pretended that he wanted to play, and…. when they went to play he just stole the bone and ran. Needless to say he ended up with 3 bones, and the others had nothing.

  • Yeah…well...tell the pugs, this is JUST the beginning 😉 Girl Bs rule...and tri girl Bs rule even harder!

  • This is hilarious!! My Bs hit like crazy… I swear their breed should have been called the Boxer instead!!

  • That was actually Maya's pigs ear that i gave her when she was in her crate while we were out earlier in the day. She didnt touch it all day… until Lilah found it then Maya HAD to have it lol

    Thankfully she hasnt started the hitting/digging at my head in the morning... She would be very quickly removed from the bed - i need my sleep!lol

  • Cute pics!

    Tayda and Lenny hit also, its so funny to watch. And, if I give both Tayda and Lenny a treat, like a Marrow bone or something, Lenny will chew/eat his for a while and then look over at Tayda and try to steal hers. If she's not into the treat she will let him take it and he will walk back over to his treat and lay on it while eating Tayda's. So selfish!!! If Tayda doesn't want him to have it, she will get the snarl of death on her face and slinks away back to his own treat…

  • hahahah Poor little pug…

    They never win again from this littel tri!!!

  • Your poor little pugs, what have you done to them!! Where was Chloe when all of this was going on?

  • Chloe was asleep on the other sofa 😃 She LOVES Maya though, she encourages the cheeky behaviour :rolleyes:

  • Hah I just love the way Basenjis seem to allways win, ours have allways won with the Buhunds.
    Great pics by the way:D

  • Haha. We call Dallas a boxenji sometimes because he hits as well. I didn't realize how frequent it was! Too funny :p

    Great pics! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Yes, the poor pugs…! And it's only the beginning...

    This quote is too funny!

    …she will get the snarl of death on her face...

    Your "dream pup" might just grow up to have that too! wink wink

  • The sooner everyone in the house learns that if the baby girl ain't happy, nobody's happy the sooner you can have some peace.

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