Maya and Delilah-Pug

Here's a few pictures i snapped quickly this morning when we should have been getting out of bed 😃 Delilah hasn't been well recently so little sis Maya has been looking after her :rolleyes:

Maya, your pictures are always superb - really clear - I think i will have to go to night school to learn how to use my digicam!

and Delilah - what a great name for a pug! it really suits her. I have a 9.5 yr old dobermann lad called Humphrey - and everyone who meets him agrees he looks just like a Humphrey - whatever that means lol.

Nice bling on your b…thanks for sharing these cute photos.

Maya is so sweet with the pug….. 🙂

They really can show a lot of love to other house pets....

Great pics!

Love the pics! Tillo would like Maya to be his little sis 😉

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