Maya & her Pug and Lab At a Show

  • Well, in the end we decided against taking Gracie Pug along. She will have lots of shows coming up, but little Delilah doesnt get to go to any so i thought she might enjoy the day out more! And Meg the lab went along for the day out as well. The morning started with your typical household disaster…. We got up, and i was just carrying Maya across the landing to carry her downstairs and stood in the pug bed that they'd dragged halfway across the landing... I didnt realise as i stood in it that one of the evil puglets had left a half chewed cow hoof hidden in the bed... Very craftily chewed so it had some lovely sharpe edges, and of course you know whats coming!! All of my not inconsiderable weight on one foot right ontop of the cow hoof!! OUCH is an understatement!! I was quite literally hopping! Maya thought it was all very amusing but it did actually take rather a huge chunk out of my foot so im walking with a terrible limp at the moment :rolleyes: So of course, hobbling around a very large agricultural show was not much fun but we'd gone and i wanted to give them a good day out. Maya's favourite places were around the Show Jumping ring, and in the Poultry area. She would like a tiny hairy-footed chicken i think :p

    Anyway, here's some pictures from around the ring. Maya won AVNCS Hound Puppy and Hound Puppy Group 3 🙂

    Maya being elegant as ever.. She ALWAYS sits like this!!

    Delilah was having a read of the Basenji club show schedule!!

    Maya Slumping



    And Maya having a rest before the Group

  • Great pics! Hope your foot is feeling better.

  • Houston

    Great pics..wish you quick recovery on your foot..

  • Really nice pictures and dogs just look so happy and go easy with life. Hope your foot is better.
    The first picture the Shiba in background looks like ours.

    Rita Jean

  • Mayas sitting style cracks me up. Haha, what a classy girl!

  • Beautiful, as always…Nala does that sloppy sit cracks me up to see such an elegant looking dog do that! And....Ouch....I hope you heal quickly!!!

  • Great pics!

    Hope youre foot is healing fine!
    Congrats on the winning 😃

  • Congrats! Love the pics!

    Hope your foot heals quickly 🙂

  • Love the way Maya sits - they can be so elegant and so funny all at the same time!

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