Between Toes:

Does anyone here ever have this problem… Bella sometimes gets a swollen area right between two of her toes. It doesn't always affect the same set of toes. There isn't any pus, but she sometimes will lick at it. She doesn't whimper or whine at all, so I don't think it is too uncomfortable. I thought at first she may have stepped on a bee or rock, but now it is winter and she has one again, so not likely. I can't figure out what causes it. They do eventually clear up on their own... I couldn't find any other post about it... Hope someone out there has some ideas about it!

seems odd that it effect different toes.

Any roses in your yard? Katie and Ty get the occasional thorn prick (all seasons) and get a small swelling from it.

No, we don't have any roses…

They are probably interdigital cysts. Soak the foot in warm water with epsom salt diluted in it a few times a day. Usually within 3 days the cyst will either burst and drain or "dry up" and disappear.

Thank you for your advice. Any Idea what causes interdigital cysts? Are they fairly common, and if so… would there be a chance she would get cysts elsewhere?

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