• My oldest male, Mansa Musa, is 15 or 16. His most recent visit to the vet was to evaluate his quality of life. The blood tests revel a low red blood cell count and most of the cells being produced are immature and are simply exiting the body with his urine.

    Can I reasonable expect that he will slip into a coma and never come out?

  • What did your Vet say to expect? Since the red blood cells carry oxygen to the tissues and organs (including the brain), I would think that you would expect organ failures and at some point unconsciousness. Does Mansa Musa get around okay? I'm sorry that you are facing this difficulty with your old guy. This is the tough part.


  • Vet said that he might experience fainting spells. I'm assuming that if blood is unhealthy, it can't do its job properly. Things like carry oxygen, nutrients and toxins to the appropriate organs. I'm hoping the best case is he will go from unconsciouness to death.

    He got hit by a car about 10 years ago and got his pelvis screwed back together. Other than that he gets around fine.


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