How many spots at the milk bar?

  • I read somewhere on the forum that there was a litter of 10 puppies born recently. This is going to sound like a weird question but I just have to ask – How many spots are there supposed to be at the milk bar on the mama and what happens if there are more puppies than spots? The other day when I was petting my girl I noticed that she only has nine....

  • I believe there are about 12 spots. Sugar only has 7 that are full. Two were inverted and one is flat. But since she only had four, she's good to go!

  • I was thinking there are 8-10, but that it doesn't usually present an issue as litters are normally about 4 or 5. In the wild, when there aren't enough spots the weakest one(s) tend to be malnourished and often don't survive too long. With pets, it's a lot easier to regulate that everyone gets a share, with some intervention, there isn't an issue anymore.

  • Rally has 8 but only 7 get milk. Rio looks like she will be like her mom 6 should definitely be functional and I think the 7th too but there is 1 I don't think will get milk. Neither Rally or Rio are symmetrical in their nipple placement.

    Sophie has 8 perfectly symetrical nipples that all look like the will get milk. She gets milk in the rear ones during her false pregnancies already.

  • My Fatia has 9… one is inverted and thought to be not usable... however, when we bred her, she did get milk in that one and they were able to nurse... of course it was only a litter of 4, so it was not really needed.... even if they have 10 nipples and all are "working"... after the first couple of days, need to supplement the pups because the bitch really can't supply for that many without really dragging herself down to skin and bones...... I know that many people that have multi litters, if one litter is small, they will try and change off pups to the bitch with a lower number of pups...

  • So I guess the number varies…. thanks.

  • @Kebasmom:

    So I guess the number varies…. thanks.

    It does and I have always found that interesting….

  • It definitely varies…and there aren't even always the same number on both sides...our Luna is lopsided 😉

  • It took me a little while to realize that dogs weren't always symmetrical. I thought for the first day or so after Medjai's hernia repair/neuter, that they messed up and shaved one off. It wasn't a big issue because he won't be needing them for anything, but it was a little shock, because I hadn't noticed it before.

  • Well, it's comforting to know that my girl is not a weirdo - at least not in that department…... 😉

  • Yeah, it may not be as comforting, but even without knowing your B, I think it may be a weirdo. I kinda think that's one of the things that makes a B a B. Medjai spends too much time looking like a dog, acting like a cat/horse/fly/many other animals.

  • Hey, Did Medjai get his Christmas buddy gift? I never heard if he did or not. Hope he liked it!

  • Sorry, yes he got it and he loves it. Thank You. I have just been really busy plus I was at my parents when it arrived. I still have to post a picture, once I get it on the computer.

  • I agree. I think they are all weirdos too!

  • Efia has 8 spots and one that is tiny,tiny maybe it?s for the ninth miniature basenji no I certainly hope when she?s bred next fall that she?ll get the regular 4-5 litter that all grow up to be fat and happy 😃

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