• When I came home the other day, Max had redecorated. He ate a hole in the rug and chewed the flaps off the bottom of our leather couch. As soon as I walked in I knew he had done something. Usually he comes running to me and is happy to see me. This time when I walked in he looked at me :eek: and ran upstairs to hide. While I was cleaning up his mess downstairs he kept peaking around the corner. It's hard to stay angry when he looks at you with those brown pitiful eyes. :rolleyes: He knows it too.;)

  • Phebese - Hope the rug wasn't a "persian" or too expensive. How does your sofa look without the flaps? A couple weeks ago, Duke decided a hole was necessary on the attached cushion back on my sofa. I sewed the visible hole by hand - but am in the market for a nice looking cover. I was upset about the hassle but I quickly got over it. It helped to vent here as others really understand what these B's can do - when bored because they've destroyed their own toys and/or need exercise. Somehow, being a Basenji owner opens up a whole new sense of humor . . . 😃 😃

  • How true!!!!! I think we are going to wait awhile before we get a new couch. As for the rug, we did a little rearranging. 🙂 I wouldn't trade him for the world, even if he can be destructive at times. Our Max is also a black and white basenji. I haven't seen to many others. I will have to post a picture. Everytime I try it says there is an error.

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