• Okay so you know I've had Luny for only a couple of weeks and he's really anxious when I leave the house - he doesn't like to be left alone.
    When I've gone to work I've put him in his crate and he doesn't really like being cooped up but at least only destroys whatever is in the crate. I've been working on trying to "disappear" for increaisng periods (hard to do with winter) of time and leaving him loose. So far he's been loose for up to 3 hours, and only ripped the rug by the door, and tore up a towel that I use to wipe his paws (well of course there were the patio blinds that I stupidly left down), and only minimal howling – the rest of the house has been fine. I leave his kong toy with soem frozen kibble/yogurt/peanut butter, and other treats scattered around.
    So today is his big test, I can leave work early, but still he'll be home for 5-6 hours. So if everyone will send good vibes to him, I'm hoping I'll come home to an intact house.

  • sending goooood vibes 🙂

  • Good luck. I did the same test a couple weeks ago. It's absolutely nerve racking hoping nothing is destroyed. Hopefully he behaves and you can leave him out from now on. It's a great feeling. 🙂

  • Okay so I came home from work a little early (gone 6 hours). Results of big test – he passed. I replaced the scatter rugs by the doors with newspapers before I left and the newspapers and one toy were the only things ripped to shreds. He peed by both doors but on the newspapers so I guess that's okay. Nothing else damaged in any way. Yay! 🙂
    I think he slept on my bed though (he hasn't ever expressed a desire to do so before) - it looked like two paw prints in the blanket - but I can't be sure :p

  • That's good news. Hopefully he won't develop any bad habits.

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