Still Looking R/W Basenji

Had some mishaps…cannot seem to find an honest breeder. We are interested in a Domestic R/W we are located in CT so unless you are within several hours, we will need shipping. Thanks


Have you contacted the following breeders

Eldorado Basenjis, Massachusetts,
Mata Hauri Basenjis, New Hampshire,
Majestic Basenjis, Rhode Island,

There are more that don't have websites. If you go to my profile and visit my website you can email me and I can send you more info.

Also a note on your search, Google isn't going to do the trick…

good luck!

LOL, yea google never gives me what I'm looking for anyway… Thank you!! I have contacted a few breeders thru BCOA and have interviews set up! Thanks for your advise!

Meisterhaus is having two litters one that´s just born and second litter is to be born they´re in Louisville Kentucky one of the dam´s is an auntie to my dog´s and her mating partner is really sweet.Both set of parents are Fanconi tested,hipxray and eyes checked.
I think the Basenji sisters aka Jasiri Sukari are having babies too and they are FA tested etc…...Both kennels have nice dog´s well atleast I like their dog´s 😃

Have you ruled out getting a rescue basenji?

We have been blessed with a bit of a miracle thanks to ALL of your help!! We will be getting a Basenji this season from a Local CT breeder and yes avid tester AMAZING litter!!! (the original breeder we were working with)! Just waiting for the details to come thru!! Ill keep you all posted with ALL the details about our Precious B Baby!! and AGAIN thank you so much for ALL your Advice and Guidance! We needed it!

Kira and Geoff Hayes

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