• Hi all,
    Have not been in the forum for months. Joey turned 3 in November and is the greatest B ever!!!(well, must say I am a bit biased!!) Anyway, want to let fellow B owners and others know that there is a new indoor facility in southeast MI. It is run by Borderhauss kennels and is on Whitmore Lake rd. There is an open house January 3 from 10-2pm. I am going to check it out and hope to see some other Bs there (e.g. Duke??!!) The kennel owner breeds border collies, but I keep her in my back pocket for a kennel stay as I have heard good things about the kennel and have been there to check it out. Sandra

  • I have left my B's with Borderhauss Kennels! Other than with Lenny's breeder, she is the only place i trusted with leaving my B's. She runs a small little kennel basically out of her house and there is a big 10 x 10 area in her basement that is fenced floor to ceiling for them to be. Laura is great! Wish I was still there to come check it out!

  • Yeah, I saw that you moved. Laura has built a new facility that is not at her home for agility/training etc. She still boards at her home tho.

  • Oh, thanks for posting! I'll probably be working, but depending on what shift I get I might be able to come right at 10 for a little bit. Looks like they're just a couple miles from Ann Arbor Dog Training Club where I go. Although doesn't help me much now that I moved Downriver. I'm trying to find somewhere reasonable within a half hour's drive.

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