Know and trust board Miami/Austin?

  • I'm thinking of taking a road trip with my fun and friendly 3year old.
    I may fly and board him here in Minneapolis, but…
    Please let me know if suggestions...

  • I suppose you don't have any good friends or family that will watch him while you're away? Do you have a Kennelwood Village or anything like that? I've seen alot of boarding places that are actually more like a home away from home. They have more like condo spaces for the dogs with televisions and play time and daily walks. It gets on the expensive side but you'll be more assured that he's happy.

  • If you want to contact me off list I can give you some basenji boarding options in MN should you need them.

    If you click on my name and go to my website you can contact me via the email me link.

  • Tell me more about your furbaby personality and how long you will be gone.
    There's also the new boarding place at the airport run by the humane society.

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