• Your name: Kathy Britton/Khani's Basenjis
    Your city, state: Portland, Oregon
    Your phone numbers/email: bennyburnerbono @ aol.com
    Basenji(s) For Sale: Buddy
    Age of Basenji(s): guesstimated at 2 years
    Current weight of Basenji(s) for sale: 25#
    Health Tests: Fanconi test pending
    Parents health tests:
    Sire: Unknown
    Dam: Unknown
    Registration if any (AKC, Basenji Clubs, etc): None

    Buddy is a sweet boy that was picked up after wandering the streets. He is a lovely companion available to a family home, as a lone dog, or with a female basenji.
    He has lived with cats, and although he will chase them, he will not try to catch them or harm them. He doesn't do well with little fluffy dogs.
    Buddy is fabulous with children.

    He is great in the house and is not house destructive at all. He can be left loose all day and night in the house. He does not mark at all inside. He sleeps loose or on a human or dog bed.
    He does NOT do well in a crate. He freaks out and will destroy every thread in the crate.
    He is great on a leash and will correct himself after a simple tug on the choke collar.

  • Hi there, I'm new to this board but I'm looking to adopt a baenji.. I live in canada, and i registered with Brat, but still looking for a B for my home. 🙂

  • I was thinking about transport if you actually picked me. I can fly to vancouver, and i could bring him back in a service vest, (with an in training sign hehe). west jet allows service dogs to fly at the feet of pessengers.) or my family and i are driving out to oregon next may. would i be able to get an email from you so i can give you more info about my family.

  • Buddy showing off his holiday cheer….......

  • He is lovely.
    Does he have his dew claws?
    Any idea where he came from?

  • From the looks of him and guesstimate of age, he is a littermate to locals Dakoda and Shona.
    Whelped 1-9-07.
    Bred by Rae Laufer in Oregon.
    Dam is one of the Tazamisha bitches.
    Sire a puppy mill tri boy from OK or ARK.

  • Well, he is very lucky to have fallen into your hands.

  • he's very cute; hopefully he can get his own home for christmas

  • Just an update….....
    Buddy is hamming it up on a trial basis with my beautiful Itzyu bitch in the Seattle area 🙂
    He'll probably be seen at shows or lure trials where Bebe will be entered 🙂

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