NC-Jacksonville/Camp LeJeune-7 Month Tri Male PB-On Craigslist

He is not getting along with the female dog. DOB-9/18/11. Up-to-date on vaccines, no mention of neuter. Paid $800 for an ACA registered dog from a breeder!

Here is the ad:


And all the information that they give is incorrect.. They do not bark, are hypoallergetic and these dogs only breed once a year in the summer months… not exactly correct

Wonder who the breeder is?

All of the older pups that I rescued from the Ohio Amish Breeder/Dealer several years ago were ACA registered and those dogs came from southern OH but the breeder of the parents was from KY. I am sure the breeder will not take back the puppy. It may be a petstore puppy as the price sounds high for a breeder.


The ad has been deleted.

I hope the pup found a good home!


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