Lucy Videos included!!

Its been a while since i was here but heres some videos of Lucy to keep you entertained for a few minutes lol.

Lucy and a christmas treat

Lucy bored in the living/howling room

Lucy singing to a harmonica, old video been spread around the net quite a bit so you might have seen it.

Please rate and comment the videos.. Thanks

Can I ask, why when someone was home with Lucy was she crying, in the second clip?

Mom just left the house so she was trying to get her back i guess.

Cute videos. They way she goes down into a play-like stance before a big roo just killed me. It's like a whole body experience. Does she always do this?

Pretty often. lol. I also love the "bow down" stand

Welcome back, we've missed hearing about Lucy!

My B was rather intrigued by the last two videos. Cute videos. 🙂

That second video cracked me up. It's like she has to get into the play bow in order to get her loudest and strongest barrooo out there. Too cute and too funny!

New video

Lucy responding to her own video

I love that last one… sooooo adorable.

In the first half of the video, she soooooo wants the noise to go away, so she can get her beauty sleep ;). Too funny, made me smile all the way through !!!

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