• New here - my name is Becca.
    DH and I were "just looking" at an animal adoption day in Petco on Labor Day weekend, when this little girl caught our eyes:

    The animal rescue had her listed as a dachshund/terrier mix. We decided to take her for a walk and when dh bent over to pick her up out of the pen, she seemed so bashful and hesitant to believe that he was trying to pick her up instead of her buddies in the pen with her. :rolleyes: Of course, in no time we were sold on keeping her and so we brought her home with us!

    When it took us a week before we heard any sound from her at all, we were concerned that she was afraid due to (who knows what?) past experiences. As she warmed up to us and learned that she wouldn't be going back to the animal adoption event the following weekend, she began to gain more confidence and then we started hearing her strange yodels and other noises. Then, one day, I noticed a picture of a dog (on Google's 'Dog of the Day') that looked a bit like our Daphne, and found it's breed listed as Basenji. We started researching the breed and watching videos on youtube, and suddenly all of her goofy behaviors and noises made perfect sense. We are not sure if she is a Basenji mix, or if any of the information given to us by the rescue (regarding age, etc.) are accurate, but we love her, no matter what breed she is. If anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.

    Anywho, I found this forum and joined to learn more about our girl and to share stories and experiences with the rest of you… so, Hi!!

  • Welcome. Daphne is very cute, and a lucky girl to have found you! She certainly could be a basenji mix, how big is she?

    Anne in Tampa

  • She weighed 15lbs in October - they believe she is 10 months old. On all fours, she is approx. 16" tall - I'm not sure of her length, but I know that when I hold her like a baby with her head on my shoulder, her body is as long as my torso… I guess we should measure her, huh? 😉

    Basenji-like traits that she has:

    • the lean
    • the sitting on her bottom with her feet out in front of her
    • the way she cleans herself like a cat
    • her cute little hop when playing, as well as her spins and flips
    • the yodels and quiet, sweet noises she makes

  • Sure sounds like a basenji mix to me! Hang onto your hat, you're in for a wild ride.


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