• Nice day with lot of B's!!!

    Chafuko entered in Youth class, 5 B's!! (Tillo was one, but didn't like the judge 😞 )

    Both Buana and Chafuko were so tired from friday (some visitors at our home) and both didn't want to show very good..

    But!! Chafuko went Youth winner 2008!!!!
    He became first in class with an Excellent!!!! with youth CAC

    For the first time in his show carreer he liked the judge, we trained a lot because he would be scared by strangers.. Now he has a lot of fun showing.. πŸ™‚

    Buana entered in Champion class, also 5 B's!!!

    He became second Best Male!!!! with res. CAC-CACIB…
    I was very happy and didn't think Buana would win because he was so very tired and only want to cuddle with me... hihi he's so sweet πŸ˜‰ :o

    Tomorrow I upload some pics from the show!!!

    Janneke en Tillo, we liked it very much to see you again!!

  • CONGRATS to Buana & Chafuko !!:)

    Great results.

  • Yes, congrats, congrats, congrats!!

    It was great to see you guys again!!

  • Congratulations Buana and Chafuko for your new title way to go:D

  • o, no, I'm not nervous! (hihihih)

    Just before entering the ring

    Youth group

    Standing fine

    Youth winner, and qualified for Crufts 2009, 2010!!


    some of the champions

    Buana standing good

    And again, the judge fell in love with his eyes and forgot me, she told Buana a whole story about who cute he was.. hahahaha

    Brothers, in crime…. up for reserve beste male... Big Bro wins...

  • Great shots! Love the one of Chafuko before entering the ring!

  • Lovely b', kudos!

  • Congratulations and great photos. I'm sure it was exciting.

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