• Last night Abbey and I were taking our usual late evening walk around the park when we started hearing the strangest sound like Clop, Clop, Clop, and it just kept coming closer. She stopped and was staring off in the distance but we couldn't see anything for a couple of minutes. It was about 9 o'clock and very dark. Then all of a sudden here comes this big white horse pulling a carriage up the street with a bride and groom in the back! Abbey was fascinated and I couldn't get her to move till they were out of sight. We live in a historic neighborhood and there is an antebellum home, called the Donnelly House, about a block away:D which is used for weddings. Abbey was just beside herself at the sight of a horse in our park. The people I bought her from lived way out in the country and had horses, so this was not the first time she'd seen one. She and her parents, Playboy and Gwin, used to race in big circles around the yard, and when they came to the fence by the horses, they'd all three put on the brakes and just stand there staring up at the horse! I bet when we go out tonight she'll be expecting to see the horse again.

  • Funny! We live near horse farms and Nala seems to want to run around and play with them! If she ever gets loose, I hope she's fast enough to avoid their hooves!

  • Joey and I walk past horses on some of our jaunts and he too loves to stop and stare. I have wondered what he would do if left to his own devices.

  • Hollie has seen a couple of horses and I believe she thinks "wow, that is the biggest dog I have ever seen!"

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