• Cali has been a little depressed since my brother picked up his dog(Lady the Boxer) yesterday. Lady had been staying with us for 3 wks while my brother was out of town. I guess Cali really got use to having the companionship even though Cali picked fights with Lady constantly:) I have actually been considering rescueing another Basenji for a companion, but not until the first of the year (I must be crazy). No, actually I love this breed and my next dog will definitely be a Basenji.
    Anyway, I was at home very ill today with a bad flare up of my Colitis. I was in a lot of pain and at one point was laying on the bathroom floor. Well Cali tried to comfort me and was licking all over me and trying to get me off the floor. She even kept bringing toys to the bathroom so I could play with her. She can be so sweet sometimes. Even though I was in a lot of pain I did manage to laugh a little due to all of her antics to make me fill better. Anyway, while I was trying to get myself up off the floor Cali walks into the bathroom with a new pair of jeans that I purchased a couple of days ago. She got them out of the laundry room. I guess this was her way of telling me that if I didnt get up she was going to destroy my jeans:eek: She never fails to amaze me and has been pretty good today considering that I have been under the weather. She even took a nap with me.
    How do your Baenjis act when you are sick or upset? They are very intuitive.

  • Rocket does the same thing when I'm sick, he watches me all day and never leaves my side. Of course I'm in bed all day which is where every B prefers to be!!

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