Smacking their lips and snuffing

  • Does any other basenji out there smack their lips all the time? My B will be laying deep under the covers as we get into bed and all I can hear for about 5 minutes is smacking lips…same thing in the morning as soon as she is awake. I notice it most then (because I'm trying to sleep) but I assume she is doing it during the day as well. I thought maybe she was thirsty but she doesn't drink water much first thing in the morning so I'm wondering why else she would do this.

    Anyway, she also "snuffs" alot. its the cutest thing...she'll be sniffing around the floor and then all of a sudden let out a snuff and then keep on sniffing. She also does this if I don't do something she if she just came in from being outside and she goes to the door again because she wants to go back out and I don't go to the door and let her out she'll stand there and give a snuff or two.

    What does everyone else think?

  • The smacking, Indy used to do just before he would spit out a tooth, so maybe something in the back is bothering her, might want to take a look.

    The snuffing, ya Indy does that especially when he gets a snout full of dust he is young so he always looks REALLY confused when it happens he he

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