Cecilia and Zelda from Sweden are with you

Hi everybody!

I'm so glad that I found this forum, unfortunately I'm not so good in english, but I will try. I live in Gotenburg, Sweden with my fiance, Thomas and my Basenji Zelda, she is now 9 month and in some weeks will we go to our first exhibition, I'm a little nervous.
We will aslo start a course in "klicker" soon. Any one who has tried that with their Basenji?

Have a nice day!

Bye Cecilia

Welcome, but we need pics 🙂

Is "Klicker" the same as "clicker"? Operant conditioning? Yea, my basenjis LOVE the clicker game

Yes, of course I mean Clicker 🙂

Welcome and we can't wait to see pictures of your girl…

And many of us use Clicker Training.... it is a great way for Basenji Training and a fun game for them

Hello and welcome! Please post some pics of your baby!

Mirtillo is from Sweden too!

Welcome. Can't wait to s esome pictures of your Zelda. 🙂

Cisan, your English is just fine!! Welcome, and please tell us all about Zelda. (BTW, congratulations to you and Thomas on your engagement)

Hej Cecilia,

welcome to the Forum.

I do live in Denmark since last Year.

Clicker is great fun and entertainment for the B's


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