• Hello, my name is Annika and I have a Basenji girl named Wazin Tri Chili but we all call her Chili. She is a lovely petite lady, 20 months old. What she likes to do most is Lure Coursing. She loves it and it is almost impossible to hold her when she hears the word Tallyhoo. What else can I say, life is never boring when you have a basenji and I have realised "once a basenji always a basenji". Please visit our website, you can see the address in my profile. Unfortunately it is only in Swedish but I will do my best to update it into English as soon as possible.

    Have a great day! 🙂


  • Your Chili is beautiful!!! Welcome to the forum!

  • Welcome, Hope you enjoy the forum…..fun for all.

  • hello and welcome! i look forward to more pictures and stories!

  • Hello from Luxor in Minnesota USA. We are new too!

  • Welcome to the Forum….. Chilli is beautiful

  • Welcome!!! And please visit the Lure Coursing section of the board. We could use your wisdom there. I'm starting to train my boy to lure course too & I'm looking forward to it 😉

  • Greeting from Europe (Poland)🙂

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