´How long did it take to receive your FA result

  • Myran is Fanconi Clear but it was a 4,5 month ordeal before I received the results first the DNA taken from bloodsample failed and Finland hadn´t sent enough to OFA for a second one.Then the cheekswab test failed first after the second test done on the swab did I receive the result.Inbetween the tests there were long pauses and I had to be vigilant and keep sending letter after letter to even get the answeres.
    Ok so I didn´t expect him to be a carrier as he was born out of a clear/clear breeding but as it´s just a marker test and not 100% you never know.
    Worst was the end of this testperiod as breeding season was starting and I had promised people they could use him.So has this ever happend in US or elsewhere or was I just extremely unlucky??What happens if you breed a carrier and a clear and the puppy is sold abroad you´ve tested but then things start to go wrong and you end up waiting like me for almost 5 months.How many puppy buyers are willing to wait these months to know whether the puppy is clear or carrier and then comes the issue with rabies shots if the puppy is older then three months.

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