• Dandy was the male of our little Basenji family. In Nov. 1976 our house burned down:eek: and we moved 5 miles away from the farm. Dad left Dandy at the farm and we took Teakatu and Missy to the trailer house that we would stay in until we could start rebuilding in the spring. One night, someone pulled up to the barn and untied Dandy and stole Dad's tools and then gas out of the gas barrel. Dandy took off and when Dad went to the farm the next day, he couldn't find our missing B.😕 Night after night when I would get home from school, I would ask Dad if Dandy came back yet and the answer was always no.:( One night when it was really cold outside, the girls started to act like they wanted to go outside. they would go to the door and then jump on the couch, back and forth like that about three times. Finally we opened the door to let them out and in walked Dandy, just as proud as he could be, with the look of see I knew I would find you.:D

  • aww that's a sad story at start but an awesome ending !!!! 🙂

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