• I'm sorry i have been MIA for a while i just moved last mth and am still getting things all settled here I thought i would throw this out here becuase maybe someone on here has had a simaliar experience.. Sunday night all the dogs {3} where outside playing when it was about time to come in aspen went to get his toy and got his paw stuck in a brick {i think} he yelped alittle and Phoenix of course being a B went over to see what was going on well Aspen {i think} thought that Phoenix was the one that hurt him and went after him i have had these 2 boys 3 yrs and every once and a while they get into there "yelling match"} But this was a full dog fight never in 3 yrs have they ever gotten like this .. well to make a story short i hands are ripped quite a bit { not worried about that amazing how skin heals } but Phoenix my poor baby got half his ear ripped we brought them in the house and about 30 min later rushed him to the Vet they cut some of his ear and stiched it up we have to go back at the end of the week to recheck it and hopefully take the stiches out … But my question is since i have brought him home he growls alot at Aspen Phoenix has one of those "dishes " on his head {e-collar } so he doesnt starch his ear but i am wondering are they ever going to get along alright again ? Do u think Phoenix remembers what happened and who did it ?? I just thought i would ask if anyone has ever had a situation like this and if the dogs ever go along again ? i know it just happened and it might take a couple weeks but i thought if anyone had any suggestions that might help i would greatly appraite it . I'm attaching a pic of him ... before and after


  • Wow, that is one heck of an injury!
    I think boy will forgive..I have not had this issue personally, but read that they boy will get back to being friends.
    GIRLS, nope, they will hold a grudge forever…
    Again, just want I read.

  • Ohh - so sorry about your Phoenix. It's awful what happened to him. I don't know - haven't had this kind of thing happen to my furkids. But I do hope there is forgiveness between your boys. It'll probably take some time though. Hopefully someone here can advise you with some behavioral tips to help your situation. Paws crossed for you.

  • Wow…that is quite a chunk out of his ear! Hope they do get back to being friends, but dogs do remember when they've had scuffles with other dogs and which ones they've had trouble with...at least in all my years of pet sitting experience. That said, it doesn't mean that they can't be friends again.

    One question...are both the boys neutered?

  • We had 3 brothers years ago and several times a couple of them had 'real' fights with multiple bites, etc. They would be very grumpy and guarded with each other for a few days but within a couple of weeks were back to normal. Expect them (especially poor Phoenix) to be grumpy, and you be right there to stop anything before a fight, but hopefully they will get to be friends again as soon as they aren't sore.

    Poor boy, now he has a 'fight scar' to brag to the other kids about. He still looks cute, they did a good job on the ear trim.

    I know how terrible it feels to have dogs fighting, makes you sick to your stomach, but be patient and give them both space and time to get over it!

    Good luck,
    Anne in Tampa

  • And really it will depend alot on the personalities of Phoenix and Aspen. Some dogs will forgive and forget and some will not.

  • And typically males will forgive and forget… Bitches will not.... but you never know.... hope that it works out for you....

  • thanks yes both are nuetred been since they where 6mths right now i have been extremly ALPHA with them so they don't think that since they had the fight one of them can push the other around so i have been right up on them to let them know who is boss with phoenix having his head in the cone it's been alittle easier cuz he can't get at anything but hopefully when i can take it off when the stiches are out they will go back to being friends again

  • it was only the tip that was bite off but on the back of the ear the skin came off so they had cut alittle more and pull up some skin to cover it so he could stitch it i'm just hoping it heals ok and then the boys go back to friends my stomach is all tied up but i am still making sure i am strong when it comes to them getting near eachother

  • I would sure be slow and careful with the intoducations of these 2 again.
    I would take them both out for a long walk, make sure they are very tired.
    Use a squirt gun if you see an aggression and try to distract the dogs before issues start.
    Its a lot of work for you, but it can be worth the effort.
    good luck.
    Let us know.

  • When I have fight in the house I just get every body for a walk and as soon as they smell nose to nose the same area without a grump I consider everything is back to normal.
    It is true males seem to forget the fights they where in!

  • well today i took the "cone" off phoenix's head and they seem to like him better that way i think with the cone it kinda scares them .. we went out and i staied very close and montiered every move they ran over to eachother and phoenix hair went up on his back but aspen let him sniff and kissed his head when he was walking by they seem ok but for a few weeks i am still not trusting them phoenix still had his stiches till Monday but i have just been making sure he doesnt scrach his ear and if he does the "cone" is going back on hopefully this the the start to a great friendship with them again 🙂 i;ll give u all updates on how everything is going and how he makes out at the vet next week when they take the stiches out ..

  • I brought Phoenix to the vet Monday for his check up and i thought his stiches out they said his ear looks good it's healing nicely and he should be good to get his stiches out on friday 🙂 I still think i am going to leave his "cone" on till he is totally healed up cuz when they play they usaully dog slober on eachothers ears and such so i would think it would be best to leave it on so that can' happen till he's all healed . it's been going pretty good with the boys they get into alittle growling match once and while but usally only when Aspen runs and phoenix goes chasing so what i have been trying to do is teach aspen to calm down in the house other then that they have been ok for the most part i still stand near them in case either of them get any ideas in there little heads :rolleyes: So i will keep ya all updated on what happens friday and how the boys are dealing 🙂 Thanks to everyone for helping me out 😃

  • Good news to hear…keep up the great work with your little monsters. ANd good luck with the stitches on Friday. 🙂

  • Just a quick update Phoenix went to the Vet today and theydecided to keep his stiches in for another week i have to go back next friday for removel {so they say} Poor guy isn't gonna know how to smell his butt again by the time he gets the "cone" off 😞 The boys are coming along as long as "Momma" is staying close they are minding there P's and Q's 🙂 just wanted to give ya all a quick update ….

  • It will be a wonderful day in you home when the conehead is gone.

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