newb get it new basenji, anyway i found this site by posting my video of my lucy singing on youtube, someone on the site posted it here and the link showed up on my website so i brought my self to his great basenji community
My real name is Danny im 17 and i have a 4 year old basenji named lucy = )

Hi Danny,

Lucy looks adorable in the sweatshirt! Can't wait or hear more of her.

She's adorable and welcome!

thanx i just wish i knew about this site earlier, you will be getting new pics of her constantly as she LOVES the camera. I have like 50 pictures of her in my album im just too lazy to post them on a host site then bring them here, but yea ill get them all here eventually.

oh and btw the sweashirt picture is photoshopped = p

Welcome Danny and Lucy … Its great to have you both in forums.. love to see more pics soooooooo... get unlazy and post =)))

will do i will post a few pics each day = )

ROFLMAO, i think I am the one who posted your youtube here, but if not, I shared it a few other places, lol. WELCOME! 🙂

Welcome to the forum Danny. I look forward to seeing pictures of you Basenji.

Hi Danny! Love that shot of Lucy in the hoodie. Can't wait to see more photos too. Welcome to the forum!

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