FINALLY…Jack's Vacation Pictures!!

**So whats the first thing a Basenji does when he gets out of Jail??? GOES ON VACATION!!! Here is Jack on the Mini (2day) Vaca we took him on a few days after he got home!! We went to Devil's Hopyard State Park! We had a BLAST!! And it was MILES & MILES away from psycho neighbors!! Yeay! ((Sorry it took soooo long to get these up! BEEN BUSY!!))

And Jack being "Goof Ball Jack:rolleyes: "**

Great pics. So glad he's been bonded out of jail and you guys enjoyed your vacation!

great pics, Jack is even dancing and laughing at the all story 😃

Absolutely LOVE that Jack is home and seems to be loving his freedom!!!

Great pics!!

What a great reward after being in "jail"… a great vacation with his family!!! Way to go

Great pics. I'm glad everything is going ok with Jack! And what Tanza said: a vacation is a great reward after being in jail!!

Oh it's good to see Jack out of jail and happy. I love that last pic.

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