Abby and Missy

These are my to girls, neither of these are real current as missy is almost three and abby is 7 mos. Abby we purchased and Missy we got from the pound (and believe me we paid for her). There is actually a story behind how I got Abby. I also have 2 cats that I rescued from the humane society.:) I love all my babies.


Very sweet babies!

How beautiful they both are!

What beautiful babies 🙂 welcome!!

Beautiful, I love the B/W!;) 😃

How pretty! My Abbey's a black and white too. She's 3.

Sooo cute!! I will soon post pics of my boys, Tobias & Jazz. Tobias is red and white, Jazz is a rat terrier and is tri-color. My basenji loves other dogs and cats. He is very friendly and not a bit aggressive. Thanks for the warm fuzzy feeling I got from your babies pics.

Great looking dogs. Thanks for sharing.

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