• Lycia just got back from a week and a half vacation in Paris. 😉
    It was really fun showing my petite loulou (wolfpup in french) my old stomping grounds. I was really surprised at how fast she adjusted to living in the city - since she has spent her entire life in the deep countryside. She managed to navigate the Parisian streets in the middle of June [peak tourist season] and not get stepped on 🆒

    It was a rather indulgent trip - Lycia hit all the major dog shopping. I took her to Les Cadors, one of the chicest, if the not the best doggie boutique in all of Paris. The owner was immediately enraptured by my little charmer.. took down all her breeder's information. 🙂 We also sized her for some doggie lounges, which the store makes exclusively. =)!! I loved the one in the picture, looks like someone slew Chewbacca and mounted him on wooden legs. She left the shop with a new collier bijoux (or jewelry collar) which she only gets to wear in Paris cause it wouldn't survive out here in the mountains hehe.

    Our trip was also graced by Lycia's new "foster" family - who will play host to her while I'm home in the states. I was a little nervous, I didn't know how this other Basenji would accept Lycia since the other was a dominant female.. but hooray! They were instant sisters, and played constantly for 4 hours. 🙂 They even look alike! The family is absolutely lovely and Lycia is going to the beach in Brittany, France with them during her stay - lucky dog!!! Praise for sympathizing Basenji owners who understand it takes a special kind of place/ppl to leave your B with when you are absent!!

    Lycia et Virgule … For all you grammer/lit nuts out there "virgule" means "comma" how awesome is that!? 😉

    I must mention, to those who are interested in bringing their pups with them when they vacation here... I know France is wayyyy more accepting of dogs than the states but I was surprised at how many places didn't accept dogs in Paris (ie Starbucks, some small stores, fast food, pastry shops.) I find Switzerland is almost completely open to dogs, the only places they are prohibited is inside grocery stores & some big post offices In fact, Lycia and I have frequently been to dinner here in Switzerland and had the chef make a little meal especially for her!

  • Looks like she will have a great time with her foster family:D

  • I know it puts your mind at ease to have found such a perfect place for Lycia to stay while you have to be away from her.

    Love the pictures!

  • What great pics! I looovve Paris!!! 😃

  • Awesome photos! I hope we can visit Paris soon, I was there for a couple of days many years ago.

  • hehe. thanks guys.. I loved Paris too - then I lived there… hehehe. no it's awesome, nothing like it on the planet.

  • You couldn't find a nicest family for your girl, I imagine the kids are loving the idea of 2 bs in the house
    Virgule is the sweetest basenji ever, she accepted all my pack in her garden and house without any problem, she even let them finish her food bowl, I don't think she is dominant at list not with my then 4.

  • i know, I thought she was soo adorable! Valérie was just a little concerned and wanted to make sure the 2 girls got on ok. 🙂 The kids did seem to like her a lot, esp since she still has her puppy coat - "toute douce!" 😉

  • You sure are never too careful :rolleyes:

  • Wow how lucky you are - or should I say how lucky Lycia is 🙂
    And Lycia and Virgule look like they are nearly twins. Beautiful dogs (but then I never met a basenji that wasn't a beautiful dog :)).

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