• My wife and I just got a new B… this is our first dog. Her name is Meeka and she is a handfull, but we love her.

    My friend and I actually got sisters here they are the first night we brought them home

  • They are too cute! Congratulations!

  • Oh man! I am SUCH a sucker for a Basenji puppy face!
    She is ADORABLE!!

    You are in for an adventure! Welcome to BasenjiWorld,
    Enjoy the ride!

  • Oh….so cute! What are their registered names?

  • I too have my first Basenji, and they are a handful. Sahara is worth all the frustration, and chewed up items, and anything else like surfing my tables. She is soooo loving, my hubby and I love her so much, she is 9 mos. old. I love that they do not have dog odor or bad breath, and miminal shedding. Once they are housebroken things are better, except chewing, so get plenty chew toys and rawhide bones. My B loves the Dingo brand chicken/rawhide sticks, they are less rawhide. Rawhide can cause some problems if they are not supervised while chewing. So congrats, and I know you are going to love your B as much as we do. And by the way, they are beautiful, so sweet looking, love the name Meeka.

  • ohhhhhhhhhhhhh what a precious baby… she's beautiful !!!!

  • WOW! So adorable!! I did not get to experience the B pup cuteness as we adopted Joey at 10 months. He is a red and white too. I will have to share photos too as I think we have a very handsome boy! This is our first B and dog!!! I just joined the forum and am very glad to have this resource. All the best to you and Meeka!

  • Sooooo cute! Lots of luck…you'll need it (but it sounds like you already know that! hee hee)...and they are worth it!

  • what precious pups! that 2nd picture is my favorite - that face! simply adorable! congrats on your new addition - looking forward to seeing more pics of Meeka!

  • beautiful puppies. thanks for sharing the cute photos.

  • Thank you for the compliments. We haven't sent the registration papers yet. I guess we probably should do so. She is definitely a handful and we have been checking out this website for a while for a lot of helpful hints. It is so great to hear other Basenjis misbehave. Meeka has been the talk of the neighborhood!! There for awhile we were getting stopped every block so the neighbors could get a good look at her. I even had to write down the name for a couple of people. We are so happy to have her!!

  • tooo cute!!!! You'll never get tired of them…they will win your heart over and over and over and over....

  • We got our first 12 years ago and will never be without. You'll be surprised with the house breaking too. With everyone of ours we thought they'd never get it, then all the sudden they did! And if you're like us, you'll end up with another. Basenji's are awesome dogs and very loyal.

    Do you know the parents names? She looks VERY much like one of ours (a Select Basenji). It's always interesting to see how they are related.

  • Very beautiful baby!!! They are soo adorable… makes me want another one!! : )

  • awe. cute puppy. what a sweet face. welcome 🙂

  • The parents names are Poison Ivy and Super Sonic

  • They do grow fast, we, too, love our Molly. She has grown into a sleek little girl, she knows it to, we travel fulltime in our Motorhome and she meets new dogs and people all the time. She loves the guys, people type guys….....she seems to get better each day about not chewing where she shouldn't, but she still loves the socks if she can 'steal them' if they are easy to get she doesn't much care about them......
    Beautful pics.......your story sounds so familiar, 'what kind of dog is that??????.:) 🙂

  • OH I am a sucker for puppies, just love puppy breath!!!
    They are adorable!!!!!

  • It's been a while since i've posted. In fact almost a year. Here are some current Pics of Meeka!

    Here she is around 6 months.

    and some more recent pics of her and her friends…

    She is a great dog. We've trained her to yodel when I ask her if she wants to go on a walk. She is pretty much spoiled, but we love her none the less.

  • Demon dogs…....how cool.🆒

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