Hello From Florida

My name is Wilma and we live out of Jacksonville, with our 6yr. old b, Seren Jane. She has trained us well over the years and like all basenjis very independent and strong willed.

She spends most of her days outdoors. She has an electric fence which keeps her contained and a doggie door to go and come as she pleases.

I look forward to learning and sharing stories with the Basenji Community.

Hello and welcome to the forum! Love to see some pics of Seren Jane!(beautiful name!)

Welcome welcome.. loooove to see pics!

As soon as I learn how to enter pictures I will.

Welcome Wilma and Seren Jane!! How does your B do in that Florida heat and the rainy season?

Seren Jane loves the heat and spends most of her days outdoors. We have an electric fence and a doggie door so she can come and go as she pleases. She doesn't like water, except to drink. When it rains we drag her out with an umbrella. Not a rainey season dog at all.

Welcome to the pack. Can;t wait to se pictures when you get a chance. 😃

Welcome to the group. Lots of good tips here and answers to lots of questions. We're addicted to pictures (can't you tell).

Hi Wilma, YOu are so lucky to be near Jacksonville, they have the best dog park in the world, Dogwood Park! We planned a stopover there on the way to North Carolina a couple of years ago just so we could go to Dogwood! It is over 25 acres, fenced, a huge pond and a wooded section with trails, all fenced and safe. It has a minimal charge for 'day visitors' and a yearly membership fee, which I would scrape together if I lived there, I love that place!
Welcome to Basenji forum, there are a 'few' basenji lovers here!

Anne in Tampa

MacPack, where is Dogwood Park located? I haven't heard of it. I live in Orange Park and we have a fairly nice one here several miles from me. They too have a large pond and wooded area and plenty of seats, even a few hammocks for us humans. We have had a membership in the past; now we only go sometimes as a visitor.

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