Orlando Roll Call

Well Caesar Cairo and I are officially Orlando residents as of Saturday. We are moving from Tampa to Orlando for my job. It is a great opportunity, but I am leaving a fantastic pack of basenjis and owners.

I am looking for Orlando basenji owners that may have some interest in going to the dog park once a week. I dont even know where the dog parks are yet! Anyone out there interested?

My new zip is 32822 and that is near the Orlando Airport.

Boo-hoo, Mantis and Caesar and Cairo are leaving us! Our loss is Orlando's gain. We'll miss you and the boys.


Well we have settled in and the boys now have a new routine. I have been working 9-10 hour days and the transition has been tough.

I went from a fenced yard house to a condo on the second floor. The boys have a long walk in the morning and eve. we are trying a new dog park every sunday for 3 hours at least.

They were both raised to be in the kennel when I was at work and to sleep at night. The have a huge wire kennel for a large dog.

The condo I am in is a 2br/2ba and the most important part and the seller for me, it is all tile…..everything.

So, with the increase in my hours at the new job I have put up a baby gate in my 2nd bedroom and it is now a basenji room. so they are out all day.

When I used to take the boys to work with me I found that they slept most of the day in their kennel with the door open. They like their bed. Cairo (the pup) wrestles with Caesar all day and Caesar grumps about it. caesar has been giving me a full down the back mohawk every morning now when i go to work which is odd and i think is him upset i am leaving.

I have found a dog park finally that meets my criteria. I think that living in Tampa really spoiled me with the dog park savy owners and quality of the parks. I have been extremely disappointed with one I went to close to my place in Orlando thus far and have high hopes for the one I am going to try today. It is off of Longate (i think) and in an area called Winter park. I did a drive by earlier in the week and a nice guy with greyhounds informed me that it is an entire park fenced which is 13 acres. It has the fence that goes down into the lake for dogs to swim, it also has a pavillion and trails and grills (not sold on that yet?).

I am not sure how Cairo the roamer will do off leash with that much wooded area since he likes to explore off leash, but I guess he was ok at West park with the gang....but he had the pack to stimulate him to come back to home base. We will find out today.

I am hoping that this will be my new Sunday morning haunt. If anyone knows anyone in Orlando I would love to meet up. The boys are starved for socialization and are taunted by rabbits, squirells, cats, ducks and dogs they cant get too on our daily walks.

I would love to get a basenji pack again. They need it. I havent found a way to lure Savannah and Bodhi over here yet, LOL.....so any of the Tampa pack is always welcome to crash at my place in Orlando if ever you are here for vaca or work.

So, I am looking for some new basenjis out there in Orlando. Trying to lure my old basenji friends in and need some advice on indoor at home basenji entertainment while i am at work.

I dont have a tv in that room so that option is out. I can access XM radio in their room if anyone has tips on types of music or programs that stimulate dogs. that is my first basic step i think, they have all of their toys in there and arent damaging any of the furniture....but i am sure i can add more for them...

any ideas????

Wow, we might be up for a road trip to a 13 acre park with woods and a lake! Let us know how you like it.
Sounds like Caesar is upset with you being gone so much, and no yard but I imagine he will get used to the new routine. You would think that having a big room would make him happy, but if he has always been crated, he may feel less secure with all that space…and Cairo too!

We miss you and the boys!


It is gret to hear from you Anne.

Since the PMing has been diabled, please post here if you are in Orlando and want to meet up. I will have a new meet listed in the events section as well.

I dont believe that I have the only basenjis in Orlando….


It is gret to hear from you Anne.

Since the PMing has been diabled, please post here if you are in Orlando and want to meet up. I will have a new meet listed in the events section as well.

I dont believe that I have the only basenjis in Orlando….

I don't live in Florida anymore but I do know of two forum members in your area.

Mia [Michelle] lives in Orlando with her 7 month old male [my boys brother] & 1.5 year old female. She isn't on the forum too frequently anymore though.

Also, ERICKSON I believe lives only 30 or so minutes from Orlando as we talked about meeting in an Orlando dog park before. Just two individuals I know live in that area 🙂

Hello to an old thread! Orlando needs some puppy love again 🙂 How many Otowner's are left? Maybe we can meet up sometime after I get my new girl (or even before if Bear decides he'll deal with going to a dog park). I used to go to Fleet Peoples Park in Winter Park. Which one's do y'all prefer? I googled about a new dog park that opened this year in Winter Springs called Hound Ground. They even have a lil agility course it says, was thinking with a basenji type she might like it. Anyone been there?

I was also thinking of taking them to a daycare facility once a week when my mom leaves to work with dad so they wouldn't be home alone bored while I worked every day. Parc Pet is a place in Longwood that sounded nice and on my way to and from work. I'll definitely have to drop in sometime to see, but if anyone's heard anything about them I'd love to hear!

Hope to meet y'all sometime either here or one of those Tampa meet ups.

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