BEAUTIFUL basenji mix in ohio!

  • I came across this beautiful girl in Ohio. Look at those eyes, how BEAUTIFUL. I hope she goes to a good home…..

  • Yes she sure is .. I love the look of her but i do have to admit all my dogs sleep in bed with me and if i rolled over and in the middle of the night had those eyes look at me it would scare the heck out of me for a min … She is adorable though i hope she finds a forever home soon. 🙂

  • She sure does have the husky look – I wonder if she's as big as a husky.
    And the husky eyes have always given me the creeps - a neighbor has one and I never have trusted that look, there's just something about it, even though huskys are nice dogs. Hope she finds a good home nevertheless.

  • Wow…a basenji face with a husky's blue eyes. Beautiful but she looks like she could be a basenji owned by "The Children of the Corn". (Wasn't that the movie with the blue eyed children?) I would think that she will find a home soon with her striking features. Seems to me that people are more likely to adopt a dog that stands out. I hope someone does.


  • Wow she is pretty! agreed on the scary-ness of the blue eyes…I owned a horse for a while who had blue eyes and it freaked me out! lol

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