• Our two boys Manny and Khali (our beezer) are little speed demons every time they go to a dog park. In this pic they are the two on the far right. I took them lure course once thinking they would really enjoy it since they run so fast at the park. But nope, I was wrong. All they want to do is play and chase each other. I thought "gee, I should have saved my money and taken them to a dog park instead." they would have gotten more exercise that way.

    I'll try to video tape them one of these days. They are so comical. They get all the dogs in the park worked up and then they leave them in the dust. In this pic Khali is chasing Manny, but 99% of the time Khali LOVES being the one chased. He purposefully antagonizes Manny to get him to chase him by nipping on his tail (and you should never mess with the tail). Funny considering Ibizans were bred to hunt game. Go figure!

    By the way, that's Shermon on the far left.

  • Cool pix. It's great to watch them run isn't it?

  • They look like they are having a great time!


  • We have the "nip and run" thing at our house too. Great pic!

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