• Well now that I have a new Basenji baby in the house…who's going to be a year old on the 27th! He's not obedience trained AT ALL. He was trained to show and was housebroken. He knows "no" that's about it. I had to teach him sit and down and BOY was that a challenge.

    He just looks up at me when I tell him to do something like, "yeah...and if I do this thing for you...what will I get out of it?" god...it makes him sound like a mob guy! LOL

  • Hehe. I really actually love this side of them. When I get Will off the kitchen table (hypothetically), he looks at me like he's thinking, "um, lady, you don't understand. I want to be up THERE." Like I'm some halfwit. It cracks me up.

    This is the part of basenjis that's most catlike to me. They have their OWN to-do list for the day, and it is not necessarily "play nicely while mom cooks and then go for a walk and then maybe have a bit of kibble." It's more like "okay, last night was pizza night, so that's breakfast, and the cat has been attitudinal, so we must have a pow-wow, and I think I figured out that new cabinet latch, so hopefully the halfwit, bless her heart, will forget the crate idea while she showers."

    I adore basenjis.

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