Just one of the kids

It,s sooo true. Whatever the kids do, Kaycee has to get involved. If their playing basketball out the back, then she tries to catch the ball. And on that subject i was told that Basenjis don't fetch. What a load of rubbish. We didn't even have to teach her that one.
If the kids are in the spa, so is she. She watches out for Tylah when she's on the swing set to make sure she doesn't fall. I would trust Kaycee with my kids lives anyday.:)

My B, Sahara, loves to play fetch and does so almost everyday. I taught her how to bring it back to me and how to release it once she had it. Silly dog wants to play tug of war with everything. She will even go to her toy box and pick out the toy I tell her to get and bring it to me to play. She is the smartest dog I have ever owned and I have quite a few.

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