• Hello all, I am proudly owned by Jamie. She is a 6 1/2 little lady who I have had very little problems with. Let me start by giving a little history. I got her when I was single. She was my first dog. She lived with me, my roomate, and his white boxer. The two got along great. She slept in the bed with me curled up at my feet for about 2 years. Then along came another woman (wife) into my life. I started letting her sleep in her crate at night with a little protest from her but she got used to it. It has been that way for almost 4 years now. (Been married 2 1/2) When its time for bed I tell her in a goofy voice to "Go get in your bed." She would stand and scratch at the door until I let her in. She would not make a sound until the morning. At times I really had to coerce her out to go potty in the morning. I cover the crate with a blanket to keep the ceiling fan from blowing on her and make it a nice, dark, place for her to sleep. This has been the sleeping arrangement since around March of 2005 with no issue…


    For about the last 2 weeks her attitude has gone down the toilet. She is really restless, more snippy/growly than usual and will whine and cry when she goes into her crate(she does not go as readily). It almost like someone has flipped a switch and changed her attitude. My question to the pros: 1)Could there be something physically wrong with her causing her discomfort?
    2)Is her temprament changing as she is getting older?
    3)Is she just trying to "test the pecking order" in our house?

    I love the little dog but she is really trying my sanity right now. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Joel and Jamie

  • I would have her her checked out by a vet. Having a sudden change in behavior like this can be a sign of something phisically wrong.
    Is their any other behavior that has changed recently? Has their been a change in Water/Food consumption? Are their any other changes to your house (Pets,people,schedules)? any of these should also be taken into account. I had a terrier that was sweet as can be untill about 8 when he got a pinched nerve. He started getting very aggresive and shy. He was fine once the vet diagnosed him and he had some pain management.

  • Hypothyroidism can manifest as behavorial changes. I would have the vet do a check up and run a full thyroid panel.

  • In particular you should have her Thyroid checked and that means the full panel that is set out to only a handful of labs, not just the T-4 that is included with normal blood work. Sometimes you really have to "insist" to your Vet that you want it done.

  • Looks like lvoss and I were typing at the same time…gggg

  • Thank you for the replies! I have not noticed any change in her diet or water consumption. She has had full anal glands on more than 1 occasion and was "scootching" the day I noticed the dislike of her crate. We were using Vectra 3D on both of our dogs until I noticed that she would "scootch" and have frequest bowel movements. They are both back on frontline and she does not scootch anymore but she seems really restless and will not settle oin her crate. My schedule has changed a little, but I didnt think enough for her to manifest this behavior. Thanks for all your help so far, Ill look a little more into Hypothyroidism. Are there any other signs or symptoms that she would be showing??


  • I would also pump up her exercise…make your walkies longer and more frequent.
    A tired b' is a happy b.

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