Venting as well….

I have to share my venting story as well. After reading Tayda's story, I thought to myself….gee, I am so glad that we are moving out in 7 days and we will not be renting anymore. We are living in a condo complex mid-rise building. On Thursday, I had just gotten settled down to go to sleep with Jack and the fire alarm went off, which set him off, and we had to leave the apartment and go outside to wait for the fire department. They got there and lo and behold someone pulled the fire alarm

So we figured someone had done the same thing on Saturday when we got home from painting the new house at 11:30 and there were fire trucks all over the place. If only. That would have been easy to deal with. No, what had really happened was that someone had tried to hang something off of the sprinkler and broke it off, flooding the 4th, 3rd, and 2nd floor. We live on the 6th floor, so no water damage, but the water got into the electrical system so they had to evacuate the building in case of a fire. We had to take enough stuff with us for 48-72 hours. We spent the night with some friends, who love Jack, but aren't dog owners, so their house isn't dog-proofed, much less Basenji proofed. Jack had to spend the night in his crate, which he let us know that he was NOT happy about it by SCREAMING all night. I got about an hour of sleep Saturday night.

We were actually able to get back in our condo last night, so I got a much better nights sleep.

But honestly, I am beginning to think that the people that live in this condo complex a) have the maturity of 7th graders and b) have the intelligence of 5 year olds.

What an unpleasent night for you. It definatly will make moving to the house all the more sweet. I am so blessed that the townhomes I live in are all inhabited by good folks. I actualy think I am the youngest one in the complex. Most of my neighbors are older couples. Which works out for the dogs well. There is a group of retired ladies who get together on the common are patio in the mornings and evenings, they all say that one of the highlites of their days is when they get to see the dogs while we are out for our walks…... Sending good moving into house vibes to you. 😃

Thanks Daniel….

It was just really frustrating. This Saturday is the day, though and I can't wait!

sorry to hear about the 7th graders living in your complex! That is frusterating! At least there's just a few more days left - happy moving!

Just a quick update-

Saturday was the move and it went exceedingly well, though it was incredibly long. We finally got everything unloaded into the new house at 12:00 am. We let Jack run around and he LOOOOOOOOOOVES it.

On Sunday, we worked on unpacking a lot of stuff, and jack supervised by finding the sunny spot on the couch and lounging in it all day. I walked in at one point in the afternoon, and his head was hanging off the side of the couch. too funny.

He loves the back yard, too, even though it isn't fenced yet. A bird dive bombed and tried to land right in front of him, Jack took off after him, and the bird realized that he needed to find nest materials elsewhere. Unfortunately for me, Jack was on a leash, and not on a tie line, and so my arm almost got pulled out of its socket when he went tearing after it.

He is going to love it when we get it fenced. There are so many critters back there to smell and chase.

He isn't real thrilled about going in his crate in a new place, though, but I am sure he will get used to it.

YAY new house! Will post before, after, and with basenji photos when I get them off my camera.

Congrats Robin. I am soo glad to hear you all are in the new place now.

(Waiting for pictures of the new place)…Can't wait to see Jack in his new yard

Congrats on the new house!!!! I'm sure you're ALL going to be very happy!

Yeah- the only thing Jack is not real happy about is the hardwood floors. Makes it really hard to pick up any speed doing the B500. Luckily, the basement is carpeted, so any time the door is open, he shoots down the stairs and races around in circles for a little while.

It is really funny for us, though, watching him try and run on the hardwood floors, its kinda like the roadrunner…..legs are moving, but he's not going anywhere....

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