Greetings!! New Members!

Hello! Andrew here with my wonderful two year old basenji, Shango!

Just joined but feel free to browse through our gallery, we have tons of photos up already!

Look forward to meeting/seeing other basenjis and their owners!


Andrew and Shango!

Hello Andrew! Glad that you found the basenji forum! welcome

Thanks! It's a great site- so glad I found it. And I assume Shango will be too when I learn things for him, here! 🙂

Hello to you and Shango! Welcome to the forum!

Thanks for the pics!

Hello & welcome to the forum:D

Thanks guys! waves

Welcome, Andrew and Shango!

Thanks! We're happy to be here!

HI Andrew and Shango! Great pictures!

Hi! Thanks, Shango loves taking pictures 🙂

Tell us about your basenji!

Shango is the best dog I've ever had in my life! He's so well-behaved but still has the famous basenji traits! He's so funny and keeps me happy. He is like a little brother or a son. He's always curious and sleeps with me in my bed, we keep each other warm at night! I've only heard him yodel once, though! It was so cute I want to hear it again, he just won't do it. 🙂

He also loves to play and we go to the dog park a few time a week. He also loves to play with stuffed animals his favorite are his little furry stuffed animal of a sheep and a fluffy stuffed tiger. They are starting to shred, but it's like he knows because he'll only play with them a bit a day- he's trying to preserve them!

Shango is awesome and is a really great companion to have. He made me LOVE basenjis. I'm looking for a friend for him though, we play all the time, but he loves other dogs and I think he'd love a friend!

Here's a picture of him with a stuffed animal basenji we got from the petstore. It was so funny, he thought it was a real dog! He sniffed it and tried to play! (sorry for the quality, it was taken on my cell!) It was adorable!

How old is he?

He's two 🙂

Howdy , Love the pictures. Hope to see more and more and more. 😃 Welcome to the pack.

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