WANTED: R/W Female Basenji puppy/adult.

  • No, I haven't. Their rescue dogs, correct? Are they all adults?

  • zno they are not all adults. And they are definatly dogs that could use a good forever home. Will this be your first B or have you been owned in the past?

  • Ok great. I'll have to check it out. Yes, my first. I've been around them just never owned but always wanted one. I'd prefer a puppy but I know this isn't the time for them to be around yet till the fall usually??

  • yes, 99% of all Basenjis are born Nov/Dec. You should visit this link if you are looking for a puppy, so that you can find a responsible breeder.
    http://www.tanzabasenjis.net/selectbreeder.html (from the Basenji Club of America)

  • Also, you can look for breeders at www.basenji.org and then go to breeder listings. These would be members of the Basenji Club of America parent breed club.

  • Thank you so much! I really appreciate everyones help on this journey to find that special friend. =o) I filled out the adoption form on the BRAT website so we'll see what happens. I'll check out those websites you gave me Tanza.

  • Young adults can often be a great option if you are flexible about age. They are usually housebroken and past the worst of the puppy chewing stage.

  • I'm interested just having trouble finding.

  • You also should read up on the basenjis and puppy raising.
    To do it right, it takes a lot of work.
    The good news is that there is lots of info out there.
    So, my best advice is do your homework, so you know the work involved and are prepared.

  • Oh I have been doing that for months now. Thanks.

  • Your welcome.
    The reality stories on the BRAT site can show you want some b's can do.
    NOT all b's do all these things, but as the photos show, they can do "things"
    you will not expect.
    Also, not all b's are listed on the BRAT site, so contact the person who handles b's in your state.
    They might have a perfect dog for you, just not have it listed yet.
    Let me know if I can give you any more info.
    Good luck.

  • Yes ma'am I started to read them today. I filled out an application today and I know it takes a few days to hear back.

  • And if you are leaning towards a puppy from any planned litters this Fall/Winter, now is a good time to talk and meet breeders, ask about health testing, their requirements, your requirements, etc… and get on the reservation list

  • Where should I look for a breeder?

  • www.basenji.org and then go to breeder listings

  • Oh thats right, thanks. There is so many to choose from.

  • @EmC22:

    Oh thats right, thanks. There is so many to choose from.

    Well they are all members of the parent Basenji club and while not a totally endorsment for being responsible, 99% are… so start in your area... usually if they don't have something that would suit you or they are not breeding, they will refer you to others that they consider responsible. But in the end, it is the buyers responsibility to ask the questions (as on the link to screen breeders).....

  • Ok. Sounds good. I'll definitely be using that link.

  • There is currently a 4 month old trindle female at the Hillsborough Animal control, we are working on finding a home for her, or at least someone to foster her. $75, neutered. And our shelter just adopted out 3 other 4-month old tri and brindle females (probably sisters of this one) on Tuesday, the first day they were available, bedfore Don could get out there!
    Two 4-month old males in the paper today for sale too.

    Tampa is a hotbed of rescue basenji activity lately.

    They are raining from the skies!

  • Really? WoW I'm surprised. There is some for sale in the paper too? Is there maybe a website with the classifieds in it?

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