• Be responsible…. do your research before you get your Basenji... purchase from a responsible breeder that health tests before breeding and has the test results published on a public forum, OFA. Do not purchase from a Pet Store.
    Help to teach others the way to look and find their next family companion if they are thinking of a puppy from a Breeder. There are many links on how to find a responsible breeder, one of course is at the Basenji club of America site www.basenji.org/learn And this would fit all breeds (of course depending on the breed, health concerns would be different)

    Strip test your Basenji monthly, BETTER yet, do the DNA test and know the status of your beloved pet.(it is well worth the money to know)… Be part of the solution (to anyone here that breeds), test before breeding. Help rid our breed of this horrible affliction...

    Also remember, BRAT does not test for Fanconi other then strip testing, so if you adopt a rescue, you would want to consider DNA testing to find the status of your Basenji.

    Remember, your local Vet can't test for Fanconi, at present it is only available at the U of Mo and registration of your Basenji is required at the CPP site. You can learn about Fanconi testing at www.basenjihealth.org

  • AMEN Pat!!!!

    To Everyone,

    People need to do this with ANY pet they decide to get. It becomes even more important when you are talking about a pure bred dog. We as humans have manipulated and restricted their bloodlines for so many years that EACH breed has its own unique genetic faults, and behavioral issues.

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do your research prior to taking on a pet. Remember that by choosing to be an owner, you are choosing to be a steward for that animal. And that YOU are the one with the responsibility to be educated. If you don't have time to educate yourself COMPLEATLY on a pet…....then you should probably consider a pet rock.

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