• Dear friends,

    it wasn´t such a long time ago when I was writing on this forum wanting to hear answer to my question if I should buy a little basenji puppy. I was very worried that it is gonna be too overwhelming for me but I bought her. Now she is nearly 4 months old and she is my darling - I am very happy that I have her (her name is Hodu Arhe)

    If you´d like to see her pictures you can visit this website.

    On this czech website there is a competition about best dog picture - if you want to help my little Hodu Arhe to win please get registred on this website and vote for her every day (you have to click on 5 bones)

    Here is registration page: http://www.hafici.cz/registrace/
    You just have to fill in you e-mail adress and password. Than you´ll received an email and you can vote.

    Thank you very much.


  • Your girl is gorgeous!! And lovely photos!

  • Your little Hodu is adorable. I did go to the website and I THINK I voted!! I can't be sure since I don't read (or speak) Czech!

    At least I gave it a good try.


  • Nice little girl!

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