• Anyone planning on going to the Hi-Country Basenji Club event on Sunday here in Denver? If so, maybe we can meet up?

  • I am definatly going.

  • Great, I hope we see you there! Jackpot can meet his "brother from another mother" 🙂 LOL

  • **I'll be there!
    Showing a Vizsla this weekend! 5 pt major, wish me luck!!!
    The owner told me no pressure, RIGHT! NOT!
    I think I will be showing a Swissy as well.

    Michael and Chellie, be sure to look me up!!!
    Of course I will be ring side to watch the basenjis show.**

  • Steffie,
    Good luck with your shows. I look forward to meeting up with you! 😃

  • **Well…........for some reason I thought the fun day is gonna be held
    at the Brighton Dog show show site.
    I am gonna be at the dog show all weekend, so I won't be attending
    the fun day unfortunately!
    Sorry Chellie, I won't get to meet you until next time!
    Have fun with Jackpot at the Fun Day.
    It's gonna be lots of fun, I always enjoyed it.

    It's silly for them to pick the Fun Day the same weekend
    as the Brighton Dog show. Oh Well......
    Between the two event, I will have to say I am going to
    the dog show!

    See ya!**

  • Steffie,
    Bummer. We'll have to meet up some other time. I wish you the best with your shows this weekend! Can't wait to hear how they go!

  • I would, but am doing agility Fri, Sat and Sun of that weekend. Digital, the brindlewonderkid, is entered Fri and Sun.

  • Good luck with the agility competition! 😃

  • **Chellie,

    Why don't you come to the Brighton show one
    of the days? The day that is not the fun day.
    The show is on both Sat and Sunday.
    For Sat, basenjis don't go in the ring until 1pm in Ring 10.
    And I think for Sunday, ring time is 8am in Ring 11.
    Adams Country Fairground in Brighton.
    You can probably mapquest it.**

  • Steffie,
    We have friends in town today and won't be able to make it to Brighton…and tomorrow we are going to head over to the HCBC event. Thanks for the invite...but we'll have to pass this time around. We'll meet up sometime soon I hope!

  • Medjai got one of the stuffed animals with the stretchy neck, and has already eaten the inside out of it.

  • @etzbseder:

    Medjai got one of the stuffed animals with the stretchy neck, and has already eaten the inside out of it.

    Too funny…these dogs sure do like to take the "guts" out of their stuffed toys!

  • He did however, make good friends with the pink one. He pulled it to his spot and went to bed resting on it.


  • Awww…what a cutie!

  • Michael,
    Who are Medjai's parents? I think he & Jackpot look alot alike! Jackpot's parents are Lucky & Bandit

  • I spoke too soon. Since I posted that picture, he has taken the feet off that animal. Medjai's parents are Bandit Jones and Cambria's Spicykazor of Anza

  • Too funny, that toy didn't need feet anyway! :p

    It looks like our boys have the same dad. 😃

  • Actually Bandit is the dam. I know there are a lot of half siblings and cousins around here. The pedigree search shows a good 4 or 5 and there are a lot that haven't gotten on there yet.

  • Oh, I didn't realize that Bandit was the dam (I guess I just assumed Bandit was a "boys name" and had to have been the sire) LOL That's what I get for not looking at the AKC papers closely enough before I posted last time LOL. I can't wait for Jackpot to meet some of his half-brothers/sisters if we can arrange some get togethers in the future (summer?).

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