BCOSW Events in Wisconsin for May and June

  • Since it seems like there are fair number of WI folk on this site now I thought I would point out a few things going on in May and June.

    LGRA Double Race Meet, May 19th-20th
    If you don't race your basenji currently that is okay. There will be an opportunity for some practice fun runs at the end of the day. So if you're curious, you can try your dog out. I'm going to bring my puppy out for a few puppy runs to get him used to the lure.

    Lure Coursing Fun Day and Fundraiser, June 2nd
    If you want to try your dog out on lure coursing, this is the ideal way to do it. The field is completely enclosed plus lots of club members and other dog people around to hang out.

    Check out our Facebook page at Facebook.com/BCOSW

    You can find all events by going to http://www.bcosw.org/ and clicking on "BCOSW Events" on the far left.

  • Do you know of any lure coursing clubs in Illinois? I would love to try it, but your location is about 5 hours North of mine.

  • If you are closer to Missouri there is a decent amount of activity in that general area.

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  • There is coursing near Indianapolis and an hour west of St. Louis in MO. None in IL yet. You can see the calendar of events for the year at ASFA.org or AKC.org. There is Oval track (NOTRA) twice a year at Dorsey IL.

  • This is an event that is being put on by the Illinois Doberman Rescue… I thought I might post it here too for those that like to do coursing for fun 🙂

    Sunday, May 20 from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

    Does your dog like to chase? Here's a great event you can bring your dog to. Lure coursing was originally developed as a training tool for sight hounds, but ALL breeds like to chase a visual lure. Bring your dog to a fully fenced acre to run and chase a lure.

    Dogs run one at a time (unless 2 dogs that know each other want to run together). Any dog who is not human aggressive is welcome. Please no retractable leashes. Dogs don't need any special training; any dog that likes to run and chase should enjoy it.

    The cost is $5 a run (not tax-deductible). Runs start at 10 a.m.

    Professional photography by All Creatures Photography will capture your dog in action! Click here to see September's photos.

    7725 12th Street
    Somers, WI 53171 (Just over the IL border in southern WI, near Kenosha)

  • Moth, that doby event is at the same location as our lure coursing fundraiser. As an FYI, they are open most weekends where the weather is nice, so you can run your dog almost any weekend and it doesn't have to be an organized fundraiser.


  • Thanks Nemo 🙂

    I am looking into getting into coursing with Watson more frequently 🙂 I would like to get him his JC and maybe see what UKC events there are for coursing and start on that as well. I don't know much about LGRA racing…

  • Check out the Midwest Coursing Club. They have several coursing events throughout the season. They are usually in Racine.

  • UKC has cousing at the premier in MI mid June, and the Gateway nationals in MO at the end of Oct, not too many other UKC opportunites at this time.

  • ASFA is probably more available than UKC or AKC in the WI general area, but Lisa would probably know more about that. I haven't coursed my dogs in competition yet.

  • Racine is your closest. They have AKC LC the last weekend in June and ASFA the third weekend in August and last weekend in Sept. The next closest would be Leroy and Crown Pt Indiana, there are 3 or 4 events a year at those two locations. We drive 6-12 hours for almost all of our events.

  • I will certainly look into those…I am sure we will run into you guys at one of the for fun events one of these days. I keep trying to make it out to one and failing due to things like weddings and family affairs 😉

  • We are coming to Racine next weekend to run three of the basenjis in the LGRA trail. That is always a fun one to try practice runs for new dogs.

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