• I am moving into a new house with no fence, I want to set up an ex pen outside opening to the lanai (patio). Where would I find one that stakes into the grown (kind of like tent stakes) so that they wouldn't be able to move it or knock it down. It would be to form a semi circle with the opening of the lanai so that they have access to the grass.

  • I've seen them on amazon before while looking at pet stuff. Here is a link:


  • You can just get a regular Xpen and use tent stakes, we do that all the time at shows or lure trials. Tops are recommended as these kids can climb out of xpens quicker then you can put them in…

  • the ones you can get at petsmart come with ground stakes. I think you might be better off with a panel kennel, you can get them at lowes here's what I refer to link online it only shows the 6 foot high ones but I know at the stores they have the 4 foot ones. I own two of these and used them as my fence at our house when we were still in the states. They don't stake in the ground, but if positioned right then you won't need to it won't form a circle but it will give them more room than an ex-pen.

  • I didnt know that is what an xpen was. I just bought one on ebay yesterday. total for shipping and all was around $58-$60.
    I just did the "buy it now" thing.
    I searched for "dog play pens", didnt know they had a real name.
    It was a "midwest" also.

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