• Folks have mentioned before how their dogs will watch TV, well …
    Last night I was watching Eight Below (for those who haven't seen it, it's a disney-style movie about expedition sled dogs) and of course EL D would sit and watch as long as the sled dogs were visible or barking. When the storyline changed and the dogs were on their own and would bark to each other to work out their problem, EL D laid down, and pretty soon he would turn and look at me (a couple times) with this really sad look on his face. And then when one of the dogs die, EL D gave me one more sad look and curled up in the couch corner as far under his blanket as he could get. Seeing EL D respond like that made me even more sad than the movie plot did. When the rescue comes at the end I made sure to clap and yay so EL D might get the message. I have to admit I felt sheepish but who knows - these dogs are intelligent!

  • Awe poor guy, that movie always gets to me for some reason

  • Sahara loves the movie Eight Below, she watches the dogs barking and pulling the sleigh, it is her favorite to watch.

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