• Hello Basenjiforums,

    I see some long time friends around here. And some of you I've even had the pleasure of meeting in person!

    My B's? Tuff and Alex were my girls for a long time. Unfortunately, they are at the Bridge. Alex went first in May 05. With in days, Piper (Possum Creeks Pipe Dream) came to visit. He's still visiting. When Tuff (Possum Creeks Tuff E Nuff) passed mid-07, it took a bit longer. Somewhere over the summer, Piper met Raven and approved. During Raven's short show career, she was referred to as Raven Lunatic 😃 . She has taken over as boss, and he's fine with that. Two B's is a good number for me.

    Let's see if the pic of 3 new furry DIVA ribbons, a gator, and 2 martini ribbons comes up:

    Nick Russell
    Lexington, Kentucky


  • Nicky's collar (made by Nick) is like the leopard print, same texture but a bit smaller pattern, and it is over 6 years old and finally is getting enough wear that I can justify replacing it. I am torn between getting another like the one she had, or going radical and getting the gator or the martini! Drat, I can never decide! I CAN, however, tell you that Nick's collars are very well made and I still get compliments on ours all the time!

    Anne in Tampa

  • hey nick,
    welcome to the site.

    Nick made my girl savannah a couple and i will be placing an order soon for my little guy bodhi:D

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