Show us your basenji clowns!

Sent out the clowns!!!!!!

Show us your silly basenji pictures!!

Do you always sit like this?:eek:

The funniest Basenji that I ever had was the incredibly flexible Locket. She always lay down in the weirdest positions!

This acrobatic girl is the dam of basenjidiva's Cory, jmcduff's Chevy, nomrbddogs' Sugarbaby, and my Bindi.

A very young Bindi meets her stuffed lookalike.

I give up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comfy sleeping like that?

Bindi again. :p

Gee, wonder who did that huh Mom?

Yea he thinks he's a badass. :rolleyes:

Comfortable? Hmmm…

Playing Hide n' Seek with mommy…he isn't too good at hiding yet :p

Nina, I don't know why, but your pics never show up for me….just red X's.

Maybe the smart filter here at work......but I can see everyone elses.


There I tried using vs. my weblog. How do you post your pictures?


Do you always sit like this?:eek:

Good job B_B - good moment on picture !!!!!


There I tried using vs. my weblog. How do you post your pictures?

I can see them now Nina!!!:D Thanks!:) 🙂

My Basenji.

Whisky the poser and Whisky on his bed.

The best yet.


OMG Gary, that pic of the little Af girl made almost spit soda all over my laptop!!! That is hilarious.

Here's mine

**NOOO pictures

You're kidding…right?

Do you think we REALLY look like cadbury bunnies?

Wisky's name seems to fit!

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