Bored with Academy Awards

My dogs are all bored with the academy awards and have decided to make the evening more exciting by vying for their own awards tonight.

Best Fireplace Hog - Rally
Best "I can knock stuff off the counter" - Nicky
Best "I am really sorry I knocked stuff off the counter" - Nicky
Best "It wasn't me" - Sophie
Best Cuddler - Rio
Best Play Battle right in the middle of my lap - Rio and Sophie

I am sure the list will get longer as the night goes on.

Best "OMG did that just come out of you" - Tiggy
Best "I'm SO excited you're home" - Tiggy
Best "Kisses" - Reggie
Best "Bed Warmer" - Reggie
Best "Pillow" - Tiggy
Best "Pitiful Look" - Reggie
Best Just make you laugh" - Tie folks it's Tiggy and Reggie

Mine are winding down for the evening but

We have winners for
Best Coffee Table Ornament -Rally
Best Race down the stairs and collision with Sofa - Rio and Sophie
And there has been a close race between all for the
Best You Make a Better Door than Window but the winner is…... Nicky

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