• My dogs are all bored with the academy awards and have decided to make the evening more exciting by vying for their own awards tonight.

    Best Fireplace Hog - Rally
    Best "I can knock stuff off the counter" - Nicky
    Best "I am really sorry I knocked stuff off the counter" - Nicky
    Best "It wasn't me" - Sophie
    Best Cuddler - Rio
    Best Play Battle right in the middle of my lap - Rio and Sophie

    I am sure the list will get longer as the night goes on.

  • Best "OMG did that just come out of you" - Tiggy
    Best "I'm SO excited you're home" - Tiggy
    Best "Kisses" - Reggie
    Best "Bed Warmer" - Reggie
    Best "Pillow" - Tiggy
    Best "Pitiful Look" - Reggie
    Best Just make you laugh" - Tie folks it's Tiggy and Reggie

  • Mine are winding down for the evening but

    We have winners for
    Best Coffee Table Ornament -Rally
    Best Race down the stairs and collision with Sofa - Rio and Sophie
    And there has been a close race between all for the
    Best You Make a Better Door than Window but the winner is…... Nicky

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